• Request a Hero Tee Fundraiser

    For immediate assistance with initiating a Hero Tee fundraiser, send an inquiry to support@heroteeco.com


    The Hero Tee Company has a simple mission: To support the families of critically injured or fallen first responders throughout the United States, and to support initiatives that promote the wellness of first responders nationwide. 


    Hero Tees are made for first responders who have perished in the line of duty. 

    A portion of funds from the sale of each tee is donated to the family of the fallen. 

    We design, print, sell, and ship all of the memorial Hero Tees, and then disperse funds to the family or a charitable/support fund of their choosing. 

    In most circumstances, memorial tees can be designed and available for sale within 12 hours or sooner of an official request. There is no cost to the family, agency, or employee association.

    We will not create a fundraiser without the express consent of the family, agency, or employee association/union of the fallen.


    Funds are used to support the families of first responders critically injured or killed in the line of duty, initiatives that promote the wellness of first responders nationwide, and the Hero Tee Company operations.